13 Helpful Things To Bring on Your Next Cruise

Packing for a cruise can be very exciting, you are going on vacation – yes!

But, it can also be a wee bit stressful trying to think of every little thing you might, or might not, need.

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a list of things you might not think to bring on a cruise. Items you might not have considered as useful, but can make all the difference in space saving and convenience!

  1. Water Bottle. Travel water bottles are great to use around the ship and in port. In public areas, use a provided cup, fill with ice and water then pour into your larger container. Then you don’t have to pay a premium for bottled water while in port or lounging by the pool.
  2. Coffee Mug. Travel coffee mugs are also a good idea as the coffee cups are small in the restaurants. If you’re like me, you might need a few cups to get the day started, so filling your personal travel mug is much more convenient than making multiple trips to the Lido deck.
  3. Pre-Packaged Snacks. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a granola bar, or bag of chips. Bringing pre-packaged snacks is helpful to pack in your bag for days in port, especially if you have small children. Food items must be sealed in their original packaging to be permitted onboard on embarkation day.
  4. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer. This can be used for just about anything and travels well! Unroll and hang on the bathroom door and use for extra toiletry storage, jewelry, or just for shoes! There is limited storage space in cruise ship cabins, this helps to utilize what you do have. The best size is 19” by 64” long, allowing easy access to the door handle.
  5. Magnetic Hooks or Clips. Most cabins will have metal walls, or a metal door. Hang wet clothes or accessories from magnetic hooks, or clip the daily newsletter with a magnetic refrigerator clip for easy visibility.
  6. Battery-Operated Travel Clock. Most cruise ship staterooms do not have a clock, you’re on vacation time. However, if you like to have an idea if it is morning or night – or would like to take a quick nap before dinner and don’t want to sleep through the night – then a small travel alarm clock is a good idea instead of having to keep your phone out and charged. One that is battery-operated is best as the amount of outlets in the cabin is minimal.
  7. Nightlight. Even if you have the fortune to sail in an ocean view or balcony stateroom, they can get quite dark at night. A small nightlight in the vanity outlet can make a huge difference, less toe-stubbing in the middle of the night. Or, some passengers like to bring small flashlights to use one less precious outlet plug.
  8. Battery-operated iPod Speakers. Music is always a nice travel buddy. It’s nice to listen to your favorite song while sipping a glass of champagne out on the verandah, right? Or rocking out while getting ready for formal nights or playing lullabies for the kiddos during naptime. Just try not to rock out too late and be a nuisance to your neighbors!
  9. Binoculars. Travel binoculars can be small, but make a big difference. You will be cruising the open seas so will have many opportunities to see pods of dolphins, whales or other marine life. Port gazing can also be fun while docked.
  10. Thank You Notes. Seems strange, but you might not realize how much a small note of thanks means to the crew members that have worked so hard to make your vacation a memorable one. You can also give a thank you note to the new friends you’ve made onboard!
  11. Highlighters. Ask your cabin attendant to deliver 2 copies of the daily newsletter, one to highlight and mark all the fun things you want to do the next day and one to keep unscathed for reference.
  12. Travel First Aid Kit. These mini kits are always something handy to have on vacation. Kits can include over the counter medicine, band aids and thermometers.
  13. Shower Cap. Okay, shower cap? Yes. This is a cool travel tip we heard: pack and store your shoes in shower caps to keep them from touching your clean clothes!

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