Group Cruising for Band Trips and other student performance tours

Student travel, Cruise tours, and band trips
We just returned from a Rock The Boat Cruises on Carnival Cruise for our band trip and let me tell you about the experience!  As a Director, I was very excited to try something so different!!

When we got onboard, the food started! And it never stopped. You could eat all day and it was all included in the price! The dining room was a wonderful experience and the 24 hour pizza and ice cream was a hit with the students! Our cabins were very comfortable and the Cabin Steward took care of anything we needed!

Carnival cruise for band trip and student travel

We went to two ports of call. To see the history, culture and lifestyle of how people live in other countries was an educational experience the student travelers will remember for a long time. We visited a local school classroom and also had time to enjoy the blue waters! We did some shopping at a local bazaar where we purchased local handicrafts. The students had time to interact with some of the locals throughout the day.

Our band performance onboard was fantastic! We were in the main showroom lounge! Many people from the ship attended our performance and commented afterwards what a great job we did! After our performance we attended an educational seminar with Carnival staff about life onboard, the behind-the-scenes of ship life and how to find a career with a major cruise line. The students asked a lot of questions and were intrigued by shipboard life!

Swimming, Table Tennis, Karaoke, scavenger hunt, and a Club designed especially for students are just a small sample  of the activities onboard the ship. The Youth Programs for all ages are supervised by Camp Carnival Staff and each student group has their own dedicated area on board. So no matter the age, there is something for everyone!

All in all, this was a relaxing way to travel, the students had all the food they could eat included in the price and we got to visit different cultures and countries. We will be taking home a lifetime of memories! And we got plenty of photos to show our family and friends back home. 

For more information on a performance cruise for your band, choir, orchestra or dance ensemble, contact Peak Performance Tours.

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